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Open more fields Accession Number   62.0.1 similar items
Category   Books, Manuscripts and Documents similar items
Category   Jewish Life -- Synagogue and Communal Life similar items
Item Type   Esther Scroll similar items
Item Type   Manuscript similar items
Title   Esther Scroll similar items
Open more fields Creation Place   Italy similar items
·  Item History Note   Hebrew script and depictions of costumes and architectural styles point to a possible origin in Northern Italy, 18th century. similar items
Physical Description   Parchment with sepia Hebrew letters and watercolor decorations on columns. Green pillars between columns. Parchment rolled on wooden rod. similar items
Description   Painted manuscript of the Book of Esther, rolled for use on the holiday of Purim. The Hebrew text, in Ashkenazi squared Hebrew script (without Masoretic punctuation), is set in 15-line sections throughout the manuscript.

The first thirteen sections (until Esther 4:1) are decorated with painted scenes illustrating the story narrated in the text. Each illustrated section is separated by columns and flower motifs. The remaining sections bear marks made in preparation for further decorations.

Illustrated scenes include: king Ahasuerus' banquet (Esther 1:3); queen Vashti's banquet (section 2; Esther 1:9); the king's ministers requesting the queen's presence at the king's banquet (section 3; Esther 10-12); the king and the seven princes of Persia and Media (section 4; Esther 1:14); the king's emissaries visiting young women (section 5; Esther 2:2); young women brought to the king's palace (section 6; Esther 2:3); the interiors of the royal palace and Hegai, keeper of the women (section 7; Esther 2:8); the encounter between Esther and the king (section 8; Esther 2:16); Bigthan and Teresh, the rebellious ministers (section 9; Esther 2:21); the king's servants warning Mordecai by the king's gate (section 10; Esther 3:3); Mordecai refuses to bow to Haman (section 11; Esther 3:5-6); the king's scribes (section 12; Esther 3:12); the king and Haman sit down to drink (section 13; Esther 3:15).

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Medium   parchment similar items
Script   Hebrew similar items
Language   Hebrew similar items
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Painted Esther Scroll (Italy, 18th century) [62.0.21]
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