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Item ID   156755    
Open more fields Accession Number   BANC MSS 2010.522 similar items
Open more fields Other Number   WJHC 1980.008 AR1 (legacy) similar items
·  Number   WJHC 1980.008 AR1 similar items
·  Type   legacy similar items
Level of description   Collection similar items
Open more fields Author/Creator Young Men (San Francisco, Calif.) similar items
Title   Young Men Soiree invitations similar items
Open more fields Date Created   1859-1860 similar items
Extent and Quantity   1 folder similar items
Scope and Content   Invitations to the Young Men's eighth and twelfth soirees in 1859 at Assembly Hall in San Francisco and 1860 at Tucker's Academy of Music in San Francisco. The 1859 invitation is addressed to a Miss Fany Frank. Committee members included L. Seligman; S. Uhlfelder; N. Bachmann; H. Simon; W.S. Rosenstock; E. Hochstadter; L. Weiller; B. Triest; H.W. Stein; J. Blumenthal; E. Neumann; I. Gutte; and I. Steinhart. similar items
Link to this Item   http://magnesalm.org/notebook_fext.asp?site=magnes&book=156755 similar items
Link to UC Berkeley OskiCat   http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b18284821~S1    
Link to Magnes.org   http://www.magnes.org/collections/archives/western-jewish-americana/young-men-soiree-invitations-1859-1860    
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