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Item ID   1615    
Open more fields Accession Number   67.224 a-b similar items
Category   Jewish Life -- Synagogue and Communal Life similar items
Item Type   Torah Finials similar items
Title   Torah Finials similar items
Open more fields Creation Place   USA similar items
Physical Description   Silver repousse, cast, engraved; round two tiered cupola form; lowest tier of bulbous shape with repousse leaves; center and upper tier is an open arcade with oval windows framed by openwork grape clusters and flowers; six parcel gilt bells in windows; openwork crown at top resting on three dolphins; lion holding shield finial; bell suspended within crown; crown decorated with parcel gilding; cylindrical shaft. similar items
Description   Architecturally shaped Torah finials, with crowns (symbolizing the Torah) and lions (symbolizing Judah and Jerusalem) on top, adorned with bells for sound production. similar items
Medium   parcel gilt silver similar items
Open more fields Signature/Mark   Two unidentified silver marks at base of shaft similar items
Link to this Item   http://magnesalm.org/notebook_fext.asp?site=magnes&book=1615 similar items
Link to Flickr.com   http://www.flickr.com/photos/magnesmuseum/4709583710/    
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low-resolution image of 67.224a-b (detail) from slide (scanned by Harvard Divinity School)

Digital Object Desc.: low-resolution image of 67.224a-b (detail) from slide (scanned by Harvard Divinity School)

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