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Item ID   1617    
Open more fields Accession Number   67.226 a-b similar items
Category   Jewish Life -- Synagogue and Communal Life similar items
Item Type   Torah Finials similar items
Title   Torah finials similar items
Open more fields Creation Place   Morocco, Taddana similar items
Open more fields Date Created   18th Century similar items
Physical Description   Brass, repousse and engraved, cast knobs; tapering cylindrical body with scalloped crown; above, a fluted dome with urn shape knob; five chains with bells suspended from small loops around lower edge of body; scrollling garland pattern engraved on a hatched background; cylindrical shafts with fishscale and circle design. similar items
Description   Pair of finials decorated with a crown (symbolizing the Torah), floral motifs, and bells for sound production. similar items
Medium   brass similar items
Link to this Item   http://magnesalm.org/notebook_fext.asp?site=magnes&book=1617 similar items
Link to Flickr.com   http://www.flickr.com/photos/magnesmuseum/4708938211/    
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