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Item ID   1834    
Open more fields Accession Number   76.283 similar items
Category   Jewish Life -- Synagogue and Communal Life similar items
Item Type   Torah Crown similar items
Title   Torah Crown similar items
Open more fields Creation Place   North Africa similar items
Open more fields Date Created   1901 - 1976 similar items
Physical Description   Circular, domed silver plated metal structure; four heart-shaped metal panels with jewels attached to lower band; crimped metal strips bisecting the four central metal bands from upper ring to top; smaller right with pointed and curled metal fringe. Attached to this are eight small bells and one large bell; topped with six-pointed star. Engraved in Hebrew script. similar items
Description   Torah crown topped by a six-pointed star containing the Hebrew word, ציון (Zion). Three of the lateral heart-shaped panels are inscribed in memory of deceased people: ל"ז זאב בר׳ מאיר אריה וזו׳ חיי׳ בר׳ יוסף אשכנז (Zeev son of Meyr Ariyeh and his spouse Chayy[...] daughter of Yosef Ashkenaz); לזכ׳ אברהם בר׳ זאב וזו׳ אסתר בר׳ צבי אשכנז (Avraham son of Zeev and his spouse Esther daughter of Tzvi Ashkenaz); and לז׳כ שלמה בר׳ יהודא קינסטלער ובנו יהודא (Shlomoh son of Yehuda Kunstler and his son Yehuda). similar items
Medium   silver plating on metal, plastic jewels similar items
Link to this Item   http://magnesalm.org/notebook_fext.asp?site=magnes&book=1834 similar items
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