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Item ID   1856    
Open more fields Accession Number   77.333 a-b similar items
Category   Jewish Life -- Synagogue and Communal Life similar items
Item Type   Torah Finials similar items
Title   Torah finials similar items
Open more fields Author/Creator O. Fini similar items
·  Author/Creator Role   silversmith similar items
Open more fields Creation Place   Italy, Livorno similar items
Open more fields Date Created   1837 similar items
Physical Description   Three-tiered silver and gilt-silver finials. Round shaft with decorated circlets near bottom resting on flat base with leaf motif decoration near edge; body rising on flattened bulb-shaped cup with ribbon, leaf, and rose motif; two-tiered tapering body. Inner silver shaft with decorated niches behind columns in lower tier. Lower tier with gilded ornaments between columns, including depictions of hands, angels, tablets; lamp; flame; vestment; shield; candelabrum; and inscriptions in Hebrew characters. Upper tier with hanging decorative drops in front of niches in the center shaft; spire with embossed roses. Gilt finial composed of stemmed roses and leaves above round bulb; center circlet at bottom of lower tier with rings for seven chains with bells (some missing). Three stamps (unidentifed) near edge of base. similar items
Description   Torah finials with architetural and floral motifs at top, depictions of various Jewish ritual objects pertaining to the Temple of Jerusalem, and bells for sound production. Lower tier includes depictions of hands spread in the priestly blessing position; the Ark of the Covenant with cherubs and the inscription, "Shadai" (שדי) in Hebrew characters; the Tablets of the Law with the Decalogue; a hanging lamp (possibly a "ner tamid"); a burning flame; a priestly vestment inscribed "me'il" (מעיל) in Hebrew characters; a decorative shield; and a seven-branched candelabrum (menorah). Finials were purchased in Tunisia. similar items
Medium   silver, brass similar items
Open more fields Signature/Mark   O. Fini similar items
Script   Hebrew similar items
Language   Hebrew similar items
Link to this Item   http://magnesalm.org/notebook_fext.asp?site=magnes&book=1856 similar items
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