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Item ID   5382    
Open more fields Accession Number   2008.2.2 similar items
Category   Jewish Life -- Synagogue and Communal Life similar items
Item Type   Torah Finial similar items
Title   Torah Finial similar items
Open more fields Creation Place   Iran or Iraq similar items
Open more fields Date Created   1801 - 1900 similar items
Physical Description   Silver, cast, stamped, and engraved torah finial; bulb shape with pointed conical top; engraved leaf motif; inscription band near bottom of bulb; eight suspended chains with flattened kernel-shaped pendants; slender stem with three raised rings wrapping around handle at center; inscribed with Hebrew letters. similar items
Medium   silver, chased similar items
Link to this Item   http://magnesalm.org/notebook_fext.asp?site=magnes&book=5382 similar items
Link to Flickr.com   http://www.flickr.com/photos/magnesmuseum/4709609268/    
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